Bosch Authorized Service Center

During its over a hundred years of serving the automotive industry, Bosch has become a world leader in parts and authorized service. Service facilities must apply, be approved and continually re-certified to bear the Bosch Service Center seal of approval. A Bosch Service Center provides the highest possible servicing standards for:Bosch Authorized Service Center

  1. Bosch Gasoline Fuel Injection
  2. Anti-Lock Brake Systems
  3. Electrical Systems
  4. Hybrid Ignition and Electronic Systems

The combined result of advanced technical training, approved tools and diagnostic test equipment, professional facilities, and genuine Bosch parts means that you can be assured that your car receives the best service available anywhere. At the time of this writing, Bosch has authorized only six Service Centers in the Puget Sound region. Click link to locate other Bosch Authorized Service Centers.