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It’s National Car Care Month – Are you ready?

April is National Car Care Month and it is the perfect time to make sure your vehicle is operating safely and dependably for essential trips during this trying time. Automotive repair is considered essential and Silverdale Autoworks repains Open to service the Kitsap Peninsula region. With many people finding they have extra time on their […]

Car Battery Services

You put your key in the ignition, wait for the engine to hum, and…Nothing. When your battery dies, it isn’t just an inconvenience. A dead battery can impact your entire schedule and even your safety. Silverdale Autoworks delivers a complete line of battery service that keeps your vehicle primed for the drive ahead. Assessing Your […]

Are your Brakes Reliable?

How Seriously Do You Take Your Brakes? Here’s an honest question. Among all of your driving, each time you hop in your rig, do you think “Whew! Glad my car is safe and I’m in good hands!” … or do you tend to get into the car crossing your fingers and toes and hoping for […]