Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

Regular, routine maintenance can help improve your gasoline mileage, reduce pollution, and catch minor problems before they become big headaches, Below Are Our Recommendations In Getting Your Vehicle Ready For Winter: First things first.  read your owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedules by time. It’s imperative to maintain your vehicle regularly to ensure […]

Winterizing your vehicle with our Headlight Restoration Package

Get back that “New Car” Look from Silverdale Autoworks Headlight Restoration Package! Nighttime driving can be dangerous – especially if your headlights have lost their clarity. The headlight restoration process ensures that your headlights are shining at their brightest and your vehicle is providing you with the best possible on-road lighting. Besides the benefits of […]

What is OBD and What does it do?

OBD stands for “On Board Diagnostics,” and if your vehicle was built after 1996, then your car, SUV, or light truck has this system. It’s your car’s built-in computer, and its purpose is to monitor the major components of your vehicle’s engine, including emission controls. When there is a malfunction to the system, your dashboard […]