Fuel/Air Induction Cleaning Service

Does your vehicle suffer from any of the following? If so, you might be needing a Fuel/Air Induction Cleaning Service. Poor fuel economy Power loss Rough idle Hard starting Pinging/Knocking Increased emissions   Deposits accumulate on intake valves, injectors, ports, fuel injectors and combustion chambers causing loss of power, rough idle, hesitation, misfire, pinging, knocking, […]

The Real Cost of Ownership

Taking a look at a 2013 study provides some eye-opening data that may make you think twice about the kind of car you own, your driving habits, and whether you should shop around for auto insurance or the lowest gas prices. Photo Credit: pictures of money via Compfight cc Different car types equal different costs […]

We’re like your car’s doctor

Think about servicing your vehicle in the same context as you would think about going to the doctor. In theory, you go to the doctor for all of your basic needs. From checkups to blood work to testing and anywhere in between. In the beginning it’s like giving you a bill-of-health, to ensure you’re healthy and that […]

Vehicle Alignment, Silverdale, WA

Vehicle alignment helps your tires last longer, can help improve gas mileage and provides tighter handling to give you and your passengers a better ride and safer ride. An alignment inspection and service can keep you worry free and your vehicle on the road longer. Is Your Vehicle Pulling left or right? Your vehicle is Telling You […]

Summer Auto Maintenance

Get Ready for those Road Trips! You’ve got all you need… A giant cooler, sunscreen, and endless romance novels loaded onto the kindle… You’re definitely ready for your road trip!  You may be prepared with all of your go-to belongings, but are you up to date on your auto maintenance?  Sure, auto maintenance is the last […]