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We are Silverdale Autoworks

Dedicated to providing the highest quality auto repair services for Seabeck, WA.

Our customers call us their Poulsbo, WA Auto Repair ShopThis is Seabeck, WA Auto Repair Shop located in Old Town Silverdale.  We started business back in 1994, that’s over 20 years of experience here in Silverdale, WA.  This means we are an established auto repair shop with a long track record.

Experience is very important for an auto repair shop.  It means we have seen the problems that our customers cars before.  This saves you and our mechanics time and money.  It also means we get it done right the first time.

Being in business for over 20 years here in Silverdale, WA also means that we’ve been caring for our customers well.  This is a small town where people know each other.  A good reputation for being trustworthy and competent for an auto repair shop here is very important.

We work hard to earn you trust and confidence.  Nothing says that more than a great track record like ours.

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Why choose us as your Seabeck, WA Auto Repair Shop

Our shop is in Silverdale, but a large percentage of our customers come from Seabeck, WA and we are only 5 or so miles from the center of Seabeck.  Many of our customers have chosen us as their auto repair shop because we are simply more convenient, more friendly and more personal than the automotive dealerships.  We are a smaller shop that treats our customers like our family and friends.

  • We get the work done quicker – because maintenance can be scheduled with our shop, we get your work done on time on the same day.
  • We have a complimentary shuttle service so you can drop your car off, and we’ll drive you to your home or office and pick you up when the car is ready.
  • We get to know you and your vehicles.  We know your preferences and what has been done on your car and all the particulars.
  • We are very well qualified to perform under-warranty maintenance for all the brands of vehicles — even hybrids.
  • We have the factory information and computer resources to research your car.
  • We use factory specified parts and fluids.

So give us a try the next time your car needs its routine maintenance — even while it’s under warranty.  You’ll be glad you found our shop!

Why Choose Us?